Making Money on the Internet With Coaching and Mentoring Help Today

Mentors are online today to help with making money on the internet. Google “online business mentoring and coaching” and many sites show up in search results. Next begins the task of determining who will be the best coach for you.

Finding a Super Mentor

There are tied and true methods for finding the best internet money-making coach you can find. Several ideas are as follows:

1. Ask for personal recommendations. If you have colleagues who have made money online ask them for referrals to good mentors and coaches. Tap into industry associations for referrals. You might also find recommendations by reading blogs and asking direct questions on social media platforms. Request reviews and invite candid recommendations.

2. Read trade journals and magazines on the niche money marketing venue. Entrepreneur is an excellent resource to determine what marketing specialists are most admired. Go to your local library or bookstore and read through Internet marketing books by authors who have developed online money making programs and are highly credible.

3. One smart idea is to take advantage of low-cost or even free training. There are high quality introductory classes and web downloads by Internet marketing pros that provide money-making ideas. If you are happy with the preliminary information, sign up and take the rest of the mentoring course.

4. Watch out for scammers. To avoid being taken in by a fraudulent business coaches or mentors, spend time searching for “business opportunity scams” in your favorite search engine. Pay particular attention to work at home business articles.

There are usually no specific certifications or procedures that need to be followed to be an online coach or internet money-making mentor. The industry is wide open and there is money to be made. Thus the Internet offers a perfect breeding ground for those who have made a couple of dollars via Twitter or their account on Facebook and so on. The idea: develop a coaching plan, make money, and get out of the business. It is perfectly acceptable to create your own products and services, but overnight experts really do not know all the in’s and out’s of marketing online and making money long term. Ask yourself, why would you pay someone good money it they have no track record and have never made acceptable sums of money online?

Research mentoring and coaching programs and do ensure that your money pays for more than just a quickie link or methods that are not tried and true. Find a coaching company that offers the following:

  • WordPress training
  • Lead generation
  • Squeeze page information and set up
  • Affiliate system systems
  • Webinar training
  • List management and email marketing
  • Blogging and content management
  • Group buying opportunities
  • And more…

Discuss your aims needs and your expertise with a coach or mentor. If they are a reputable coach or coaching company they will discuss your needs one-on-one and actually call you, chat or email you to discuss your business plans. You will be provided with support information for questions as you build your business. Get to know your coaching or mentoring company before using what little money you have. A good mentoring company will get you on the right path toward making money online.

Computer Profits From Home

Virtual Assisting/ Web Designing/ Etc. What¡¦s Right For You?

On your mark-Get Set-Go!!! You¡¦re ready. You¡¦ve finally got it, the top of the line, latest and great computer that moves at the speed of sound and has everything you need, plus some. But will it make you money! Absolutely!!! We¡¦re going to show you how!

There are numerous ways to utilize your computer for a home-based business. The key is finding the right one for you. First, consider your skills and expertise and most importantly what you enjoy doing. Remember, it¡¦s a combination of the three that make for a winning business. Those with good secretarial and Internet skills might want to consider virtual assisting, whereas those with a flair for figures might prefer accounting or bookkeeping. For those who live on the web and have the creative touch, how about starting a web designing business or desktop publishing? Then, there¡¦s computer tutoring, resume consulting, real estate transaction coordinators, etc. The possibilities are limitless and with the growth of the Internet, and the advancement in technology today, it just keeps getting better.

As an example, virtual assisting businesses are constantly in the media today and businesses are taking note and looking for VAs to assist them. For example, it was recently noted in Time Magazine, other top books and magazines that VA businesses are considered among the top 10 home-based businesses to start. Entrepreneur Magazine rates it as one of the top 5 home-based businesses.

What¡¦s a Virtual Assistant? A virtual assistant provides service from a home office to anywhere in the world using their high-speed access, e-mails, fax machines as well as many web-based applications. They can handle your typing, scheduling, e-mails, real estate transactions, legal briefs, medical transcription, your website, and more. The virtual revolution has truly begun and businesses are taking full advantage of the expertise of these professionals.

Once you decide on a business, then you¡¦re ready to make it happen. The first thing you¡¦ll want to do is to write everything down. All your thoughts and dreams and how you plan to achieve them. Decide on the hours you want to work, the price you want to charge, the marketing you plan to implement, the equipment and supplies required, and your goals and visions for the business. This is your plan for success. This is essential! Too many leave this vital step out and then don¡¦t have a clear focus for their business.

Next, research and read everything you can on starting your business. Find out how the pros have done it and gain from their experience. Don¡¦t just limit yourself to reading books„othat¡¦s only one avenue, although a good one. (Do check out my book on starting a Virtual Assisting business– see below!) Look to the Internet. Find message boards and chats that relate to the area that you want to go into. Often times these are managed by people who have been in business for years and are willing to share their experience. Not only will you gain their expertise, but also that of those who frequent the boards. These will be others who are starting a business, or who are succeeding in business, and willing to share their knowledge with you.

Where’s Your Map?

We’re coming into the season when everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Most of the time, these resolutions are personal: lose weight, eliminate debt, make more time for relaxation, go on that vacation you’ve been postponing. As valuable as those kinds of resolutions are, it’s also essential to use this time to make resolutions for your business goals for next year.

Grab a piece of paper and work with me. If you have a written business plan, pull it out, too. Take a moment to read through your business plan. First, congratulate yourself on all the goals you accomplished. We often shortchange ourselves in the congratulations department because we’re so busy flogging ourselves to do more. So bask in your accomplishments. Make a list of what went right. Let yourself feel the glow. That’s important, because in a moment, you’ll be making another list, of things to do next year, and you need to feel the glow of success to be empowered to take the next steps.

Now look at the goals that were not prioritized for this year, or that just didn’t get done. Are they still important? Has the marketplace or the economy made them irrelevant, outdated or less essential? You may have some good goals that just need to wait a year for the market to rebound. The changing business environment may have given you a different perspective on what you really need, or changes in cash flow may make it necessary for you to do high priority items more slowly. Make two new lists. In one list, write down your new top three priorities for your business. In the other list, write down the things that have to wait. Scratch through and eliminate anything that just doesn’t make sense in the new economy.

The first list is your road map for the new year. Now that you have your priorities straight and your goals are in sync with today’s market realities, it’s time to make sure that your budget and target audiences are also aligned. Take a realistic look at how much money you can spend in the new year to accomplish each of your top goals. Your most important goal should get the most money, and so on down the line. Maybe you can only afford one goal this year. That’s ok. Next, jot down who the target audience is for each goal that will need to be reached to help you accomplish that goal. Sometimes market conditions will make it necessary to change or reprioritize your audiences, so please don’t skip this step.

Now that you’ve gotten your basic road map, let’s talk about the tools to get you where you want to go. Here are some of my favorite tools that I use to make my business vision into a reality.

Vision Board: A vision board is a poster you create with photos or cut-outs from magazines to remind you of your goals. It’s a way to constantly program your subconscious with directions and to keep yourself moving toward your goals. Place your vision board somewhere you’ll see it daily.

Affirmations: Come up with a list of five to ten spoken goals and repeat this list every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. Make the goals specific and put a time limit on them. For example, perhaps one of your goals is “I want to increase my opt-in list by 30% by June.”

Laser Coaching: One of the best ways to put your road map into action is by getting help with the details. Laser Coaching is a one-hour consultation with a professional on one particular problem. You and the pro brainstorm solutions and you leave with a detailed action list.

Mastermind Group: This is a small, supportive group of professionals who meet on a regular basis (live or by phone) to encourage each other, act as a sounding board, brainstorm possibilities and suggest resources.

Education: The business environment and market are constantly changing. That means successful business people must be constantly learning. Sign up for teleclasses and workshops to help you keep your edge.

Assessment Tools: Getting an assessment of your strengths and areas for improvement can be useful to find blind spots and identify areas you might be better served to outsource. An assessment can be a great lead-in to laser coaching because it will help you identify areas for attention.

Marketing Tools: Many entrepreneurs are doing their own marketing in today’s economy, but maybe marketing isn’t their strength. Even if you’re not a natural marketer, you can learn to create effective marketing that gets results. Look for a home study course or a bundled package of educational materials and one-on-one coaching-you can get some great deals on very useful programs right now since many coaches are offering specials due to the economy.

Is There a Chance For Success?

5Linx was started back in 2001 as a telecommunications company using the Internet and VoIP to offer people a cost effective alternative to the telecommunications needs. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLOBALINX® a provider of VoIP services for residential and business clients.

Lets take a non-biased look at 5Linx to is if a success business is possible.


Ever since the FCC deregulated the phone industry back in the mid 70’s (FCC Docket #19522 Part 68) consumers have been able to buy their own “telephone equipment” and hook it up to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). The “baby bells” may have lost the battle over your telephone, but you still had to use their exclusive service, and they controlled the rates.

Jump ahead 30 years with the Internet, and a technology called VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Now the consumer has a choice. They can use the “baby bells” network of wires and cables to transmit their call to the other person, or they can hop on the internet, and have the internet do 98% of the work. This is what 5Linx is capitalizing on.

While their web page says “Leading the telecommunications industry…”, 5Linx got some very strong name recognition by making the Fortune’s 500 list in 2005. This has very definitely help the company to move ahead.


Look at any newspaper, magazine, or spend 30 minutes in front of any TV show, and you will inundated with commercials about savings on telephone service, free cell phones with a 2 year agreement, and which companies have the best coverage. With this competition, is this really a business you want to be in?

Even with the competition there are people in 5Linx that are making good money, but do you truly believe they are doing it by marketing to their “friends and family”. These people have developed professional marketing skills and understand the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur. They work hard on their business plan, and you can see the “financial” success they are having.

In Conclusion:

With all of that said, I believe 5Linx is a viable company with a definite business opportunity.. However it becomes less important which business you have chosen, and more important the strengths of you business skills. Marketing on the internet requires a very specialized skill set which is easily learned thru professional training and mentorship.

Whether is generating leads, conversing with qualified prospects, making professional presentations, or just answering simple questions about your company, you need to be a master of these skills so you position yourself, in the eyes of your prospects, as a leader.

With professional training, a formal business plan, and your own testimonial about how excited you are about working with your company, prospects will see you as a leader and will follow.

10 Challenges New Home Based Independent

The viability of Independent Recruiting as a homebased business is no longer a secret. With Entrepreneur magazine, Recruiter magazine, The Fordyce Letter and other authorities reporting on the success of this billion dollar industry, it is not surprising that individuals try to become independent recruiters everyday. The following are challenges new recruiters face and how to handle them.


Not everyone that has been a recruiter is qualified to offer training. As a matter of fact, I can think of a few individuals who have become renowned trainers in this profession; and yet are not active recruiters. Knowing the right way to recruit is essential to an individual’s success. Make sure that the training package you choose has up-to-date strategies and techniques. The recruiting environment is very dynamic and while traditional methods continue to be effective. The industry offers so many tools and resources to recruiters today, which are geared at bring new comers up-to-speed, and increasing the productivity of existing recruiters.


From the on-set, a recruiter coming into this industry, especially as an independent recruiter, should be prepared to hold their own. Given that entry barriers are low, new recruiters come in everyday and threaten the business stability of existing recruiters. Now, not many people will stand to the side while you mess with their meat and potatoes. To the advantage of new independent recruiters, employers really do not care who started recruiting first; they look for results. An interesting idea is that, if an employer is satisfied with the recruiter that they are currently working with, they would not give you (the newbie) the time of day. In this business, the recruiter that has the right candidate, and who can get this candidate and the employer to agree to an employment relationship gets paid.


Most people think that they have to start with a job-order or a signed recruiting contract. Think again, your product is human capital. That is where you start. Determine what niche you will work in and immediately start to recruit talented people in that niche.


Recruiting is advertised as a profession that you can get into with little or no overhead, so why is it so expensive to advertise for jobs, search resume databases, use researchers, or get training amongst other things? Well, here is your answer. Most vendors that offer services to this industry are aware of the income potential of an independent recruiting career. They charge you in anticipation of what you will be able to afford as an accomplished recruiter. If you are already a recruiter, most of these charges will not matter much to you. But if you are new to the business and have not made any money yet, some of the demands in costs could block you from ever getting into this industry. Luckily for us, a few vendors make it their prerogative to offer recruiter services, such as training at significantly low costs without compromising value. Never make the price of a product the determinant of that products value, research vendors, contact them and find out what it is you are paying for before you make any purchase.


A good recruiter knows exactly what they will be doing at different blocks of time in a day. Without planning, a new recruiter can easily become overwhelmed with a multitude of issues that seemingly demand equal attention. Before you know it, one day begins to roll into the other without much being achieved. Take time to schedule your day and stick to your plan, you will find that you achieve more this way.


Most new recruiters are excited to get any job-order and will accept any terms offered by the client. The best time to negotiate terms with a client you want to work with is up-front, not later. Make sure that you and your client are on the same footing at the start of any recruiter/client relationship. You are a recruiter, career consultant, head-hunter or whatever you wish to call yourself, not a desperate salesman. In reviewing your client’s terms, present yourself as a business equal and demand that the terms you work with are both fair to you and the client. This is not just advantageous to you, but also to the client, because, if the terms are fair, their job-order will receive the right amount of attention, and not just get tossed into a pile of unworkable job orders.


Now you are talking. Contrary to popular belief, getting the job-orders is the easy part of a recruiter’s job. Finding the candidates is where the work is. My first job-order as a young recruiter was for 17 medical doctors, for a major teaching hospital in Iowa. The employer was going to pay $15,000 for each candidate it employs. I was so excited; I almost hit the roof, but don’t ask me how many of those positions I filled. I learned a lot with that job-order; for starters, I would never accept a fee of $15,000 to move a medical professional to a rural area, it is a lot of work and requires a lot of other resources.

Candidates are everywhere, you talk to them daily, go to church with them, watch them on television, surf through their information on the internet, buy prescriptions from them, attend PTA meetings with them and so on. However, there are concentrated areas where candidates sit, waiting to be discovered by recruiters such as resume boards, institutional databases, professional databases, educational institutions, seminars, blog websites, and so on. Your goal as a recruiter is to create an enormous candidate pool, and become familiar with all avenues from which you can pull candidates. If you do so upfront, you will find that when you have an immediate need for a candidate, you will know exactly where to go to get them, and avoid running around in circles as a good number of recruiters do.


There are a number of sourcing resources today that will help you dig up even the hardest to find candidates. Finding the candidates is only a quarter of the equation. You now have to convince them to allow you to represent them; sell your open jobs to them; keep them interested in your positions; have them visit your client for further evaluation; and if the client likes them, convince them to accept the job offer; help them transition from their old positions; and ensure that they do not accept a counter offer from their current organizations. This section of recruiting, though not independent of others, is the area which if mastered, separates top producers from mediocre recruiters.


Closing a recruiting deal involves excellent client and candidate management. Even when a deal seems done in this industry, it can fall apart in a matter of minutes if the recruiter is not pro-actively anticipating problems and taking care of them. Training should be designed to help new recruiters prepare for and handle foreseeable problems.


The hallmark of excellence is the ability to replicate a successful process. Once you have made a placement, evaluate those strategies that worked and those that did not work. Lose the techniques that did not work and incorporate the ones that did into your business model.

Think Tanks and Virtual Wisdom Online

When most people hear the thought of an Online Think Tank, they ponder all the online information flowing and how best to use it to solve problems. Indeed, this is part of an online think tank and the think tank itself uses the Internet for online meetings and discussions. However one should not be so naïve to consider only online sources as they seek to find bits and pieces of knowledge to help them in discovering the wisdom, knowledge or information needed to come to solutions to complex challenges.

Indeed, the Online Think Tank also goes through books of all sorts in order to learn from the past, see what thinkers are saying in the present and what authors and writers or even experts in their field are saying about the future. Do you remember when cable TV first came out and how everyone ended up paying $60 per month for something they thought would be free? Kind of reminds you of some other industries doesn’t it? Well and interesting book on this subject and a somewhat scathing report is the “The Billionaire Shell Game – How Cable Baron John Malone and assorted corporate titans invented a future nobody wanted” by L.J. Davis 1998.

John Malone was the CEO behind TCI Cable Company, who announced that soon a 500 – channel Information Highway was to be the new media future paradigm. This statement was a bit forward looking at the time, yet it started a revolution in investments to the industry. Also conceived where “mirrors in the sky” or satellite cable channel relays, now we know such scenarios as companies like Direct TV and EchoStar and radio followed suit with Cirrus and XM Radio. It seems those previous events shaped what we have today.

On another Think Tank topic, “the middle east crisis” our Online Think Tank scoured books prior to the first Gulf War, only to find things have not changed much nor has the radical fundamentalism of religion that predicts a dire future that cometh. We read for a book review;

“Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis” by John F. Walvoord 1990.

It seems many believe we live in the end of times and the rapture cometh. Indeed, many on both sides of the Middle East VS. West believe this – Christians and Muslims. Does that mean they will make it a fulfilling prophesy? This book discusses Oil Blackmail, Religion, Claims to Jerusalem, and the whole ball of wax. Many of the very same issues today in the Middle East crisis stem from such beliefs and conflicts and the author says the final stage is set for Armageddon.

Of course, the biblical predictions are someone vague and general as to the month and year of the final conflict, nevertheless, it seems many on both sides are headed towards the eventual potentiality that they have chosen to believe. Today we have the international terrorist organization of Hezbollah, which is financed by the nation state of Iran, that promises to blow Israel off the map, if Iran has nuclear weapons can Israel survive the onslaught? Fear, often drives mankind to do hideous things.

Unfortunately the indoctrination of middle eastern international terrorism is unacceptable in today’s world, thus it appears a preemptive strike must occur to prevent World War III. If we look at all the wars between the Arabs and Israel. It is obvious in hindsight, that nothing will ever change in the future, and perhaps there will never be complete peace. If there ever is peace. It is predicted that following the 17 year peace will be the Armageddon. If you believe any of this religious stuff, which many people do and you can see the incredible problems that lie ahead. Throw in a rogue nation state with nuclear weapons in the hands of a proxy international terrorist organization and it is clear, there can be no positive end result, said the Online Think Tank.

But not all of the world is evil, there are a lot of great things being done in the world. For instance, more and more people are volunteering to go on missions to four in Third World countries and assist the world’s poorest people. Folks are building schools, sewer treatment plant’s and assisting with microloans to start free enterprise and create jobs. Many medical professionals are taking time off and traveling on vacation on their own money to go on medical missions. The online think tank recently read the book; “Volunteer Vacations – Short-term Adventures that will benefit you and others” by Bill McMillion, Doug Crutchins and Anne Greissinger 2003.

Powerful Marketing Strategies

Taking Drastic Measures
You’ve no doubt heard the saying “Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.” If we can alter that saying just a little, we can definitely apply it to our plan for marketing to build our million dollar business: “Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures.”
In other words, if you are going to do something as drastic and outlandish as believe that you can create an online business worth over a million dollars, then you will have to make your marketing work overtime. You will be taking drastic measures in your marketing strategies.

You may remember that in our first article, we talked about the necessity of having systems in place so you need not concern yourself with a lot of marketing and selling savvy. And that is still true. But again, we are setting some drastic goals here, so extra steps must be taken. The fact that you will have strong, efficient, well-thought-out systems in place at the outset simply means it puts you just that much further down the road.
Seeing ROI Quickly

The fact is, when you have these kinds of systems in place, it means you will see ROI (return on investment) coming in quickly. You won’t be waiting for months and months just to make your first sale. (Remember too that since you are dealing with high-ticket items, these early sales will be bringing in good-sized chunks of cash!) It will be this early revenue that can finance your drastic and powerful marketing strategies.

The wise business-builder is the one who funnels cash back into the business to build it bigger and bigger! If you simply spend your money as it comes in, you’ll fail to reach your far-reaching goal of having a million dollar internet business.
Marketing Strategies

Let’s look at a few drastic marketing strategies.

Direct mail pieces. You may have thought that direct mail has become extinct considering all the technology available for marketing. The truth is a well-written, well-designed mail piece can garner a lot of interest. Postcards are especially popular since you are not persuading the recipient to open an envelope. Direct mail companies will design, print and mail your piece. And most will have targeted mail lists for sale as well.

Magazine advertising. When working with high-ticket items, you will quickly have enough revenue to invest in an attractive, eye-catching magazine ad. Consider magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine. Keep in mind that unlike a newspaper, magazines are seldom thrown away. Months from now, someone can pick up a copy, read your ad, and log onto your website.

Pay Per Click. You will hear pros and cons regarding pay per click advertising online. This is because when not done correctly, it can waste a lot of money. However, if you simply invest the time to study this advertising venue, you will see that it will be a vital part of your marketing puzzle. Pay per click is available through Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. (Here’s where a mentor’s help is invaluable – helping you to select and purchase your key words.)

Web 2.0. This strange term is very misleading. It certainly doesn’t divulge its true meaning. Web 2.0 simply refers to social networking online. It could include articles, blogs, personal videos, sales pages, backlinks, My Space, and Facebook just to name a few. If your URL appears in all these different networking venues, it won’t be long before exponential exposure will begin to occur. Soon your name, your identity, your persona will be all over the net.

Start-Up and Want to Get Funded

In January of this year, I was reading one of those popular little business articles in one of the small business publications that you find at the newspaper rack. In that particular article the author was explaining how come new small startups were having such a half time finding venture capitalists, and small time investors. The article went through all of the deals which got funded in 2012, and there was quite a bit of data there. It showed that certain types of industries just were not getting any juice, not even from friends and family, angel investors, or this new crowd funding strategy.

It was a very good article and well documented, however as the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, I am constantly reading new business plans. There is something missing in most of these new business plans and that is a decent return on investment and a realistic pro forma. You see, small entrepreneur startup businesses just can’t make up facts and figures, and guestimate the amount of profit they might attain from their revenue without some good backup, or even some industry standard information.

Interestingly enough, just the other day there was an interesting article in the Phoenix business Journal on April 9, 2013 titled; “Why it’s so hard for startups to lure investors,” by Francine Hardaway. This article was similar, albeit written better and much quicker to the point. Still, from what I have seen many of today’s entrepreneurs are on a mission, or a cause, thinking they can start a business for their life’s calling. That’s nice and wonderful, but the business still has to make a profit. Doing nice things in the community or feeding starving Africans, or even helping people reduce their carbon footprint are all very noble indeed. But you still have to make a profit.

Investors are interested in a return on their investment (ROI), and they aren’t so interested in taking big risks, especially in the age of ObamaCare. Small startups which are going to be labor intensive are scaring away investors, and even though the Small Business Administration (SBA) is guaranteeing more loans, and banks are starting to make business loans once again, even they are leery in funding a good many of the business plans they are presented.

Further, many of these smalltime startup entrepreneurs don’t want to be on the hook in case the business doesn’t work out, and many of them don’t have a whole lot to show in the way of personal assets to guarantee the loan.

Investors are not stupid, and they want a return on investment for their money, many of them are worried that they won’t have enough savings in their retirement if they make too many bad choices or bad guesses with new business startup funding opportunities. So there’s a lot more to the story than what you might read in a cute little article online, or in a small business magazine. Please consider all this and think on it.

Start a Home Inspector Franchise!

Do you enjoy helping people and want the freedom of being your own boss? Have you ever considered being a Home Inspector? There are many opportunities available and the field of home inspections is growing every day. If this sounds like your kind of work, take a look at a Home Inspector Franchise.

Here are 5 great companies that offer home inspector franchise opportunities!

1. A-Pro Home Inspectors.
As one of the fastest growing home inspection companies in the country, you can be proud of the professionalism and integrity that this company provides. All Inspectors are trained and certified in A-Pros’ 500 point comprehensive inspection system. A-Pros’ Inspectors are in high demand because of their customer focus. Named as one of Entrepreneur Magazines best opportunities, A-Pro provides everything you need to deliver a complete inspection and offers several program packages with different rates.

2. Brickkicker Home Inspection.
Home Inspectors are trained at Brickkickers Nationally recognized training institute and awarded Certification upon successful completion of the course. Brickkicker certified home inspectors are trained to be experts in the field of home inspection, which generates customer satisfaction and more business. Brickkicker also provides you with ongoing support after graduation to keep you updated on current changes.

3. AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service.
With over 17 years of experience in the Home Inspection field, AmeriSpec is one of the largest inspection businesses in the country. AmeriSpec inspectors conduct over 150,000 inspections per year. They specialize in providing professional training, marketing and support. All franchisees go through an intensive two-week training course in their Memphis, Tennessee headquarters. Once you have finished with the initial training course, AmeriSpec keeps you on top of current industry regulations with ongoing technical training and home study systems, as well as an Annual International Convention.

4. National Property Inspectors, Inc.
National Property Inspectors, Inc. (NPI) is one of the oldest inspection services in the country. With over 20 years of experience, they have recently expanded into Canada where they operate Global Property Inspectors Inc. (GPI). NPI offers a comprehensive franchise plan for one price which includes two weeks of training as well as room and board. They also provide a proven marketing plan, marketing material and support, all included in one franchise price.

5. Housemaster Home Inspections.
Housemaster was the first company to provide a home inspector franchise. They have earned one of the most respected names in the business and go above and beyond in helping you to get your business going. Housemaster offers its franchisees the Right Choice Guarantee. The guarantee states that during the first year after you have completed training and implemented specific elements of the system, if you still don’t feel the business is for you, they will return your initial deposit, less administrative fees.

How Did He Get His Start In Online Business And Accomplish Success?

If you are getting online to search for a home business you can start or if you are online trying to build a home business of your own, you may have seen the name Jeff Lerner. He is an online expert at building successful businesses that was featured in the Home Business Connection Magazine in October of 2010.

There are a lot of people that are involved in the home business industry that are taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise that Jeff has learned over the years so they can turn their struggling business into a successful one.

Jeff can and will train any person to achieve this for themselves, but you first need to have the desire to succeed and you need to be teachable and ready for hard work. Now, one of the things that many people do not know about Jeff is that he first got started in the home business industry just like so many other people do these days.

On November 21, 2008 is the day that he found the online marketing world by clicking on one of the many ads that you can find everywhere online. At the time he had over $300,000 in debt from a failed franchise restaurant business that ended up costing him his whole life savings.

Jeff didn’t allow this to stop him though; instead, he came up with a new plan for building his success. He thought outside the box and located a way to start a business using only a shoestring budget that would be able to pull him out of his mounting debt.

So, his only asset when he first began his business was a belief that he could create a successful business. That is not an easy way to start any business because it does make it a little more difficult and it makes it take a little more time to begin seeing results from your efforts.

What Jeff realized before he ever got his start is that having a belief in yourself and your abilities is a major factor in accomplishing whatever success you set out to achieve. This is now something that he teaches other people on the internet, along with the strategies that he uses to make his own success.

By the end of Jeff’s first year in the online business world, he has been ranked as one of the top 500 home business entrepreneurs in the world. He is also a marketing partner with the internet business company Carbon Copy Pro, he is a member of the Leadership Board of Pro U, which is a direct sales company that provides entrepreneurs with e-learning materials.

Jeff Lerner is definitely an internet business expert that any business owner would be smart to utilize and learn from. He has the knowledge and experience needed to help you learn exactly what steps to take to get you to the top where he is, but you have to be the one to decide to use his help to make your own success real.