Powerful Marketing Strategies

Taking Drastic Measures
You’ve no doubt heard the saying “Desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.” If we can alter that saying just a little, we can definitely apply it to our plan for marketing to build our million dollar business: “Drastic circumstances call for drastic measures.”
In other words, if you are going to do something as drastic and outlandish as believe that you can create an online business worth over a million dollars, then you will have to make your marketing work overtime. You will be taking drastic measures in your marketing strategies.

You may remember that in our first article, we talked about the necessity of having systems in place so you need not concern yourself with a lot of marketing and selling savvy. And that is still true. But again, we are setting some drastic goals here, so extra steps must be taken. The fact that you will have strong, efficient, well-thought-out systems in place at the outset simply means it puts you just that much further down the road.
Seeing ROI Quickly

The fact is, when you have these kinds of systems in place, it means you will see ROI (return on investment) coming in quickly. You won’t be waiting for months and months just to make your first sale. (Remember too that since you are dealing with high-ticket items, these early sales will be bringing in good-sized chunks of cash!) It will be this early revenue that can finance your drastic and powerful marketing strategies.

The wise business-builder is the one who funnels cash back into the business to build it bigger and bigger! If you simply spend your money as it comes in, you’ll fail to reach your far-reaching goal of having a million dollar internet business.
Marketing Strategies

Let’s look at a few drastic marketing strategies.

Direct mail pieces. You may have thought that direct mail has become extinct considering all the technology available for marketing. The truth is a well-written, well-designed mail piece can garner a lot of interest. Postcards are especially popular since you are not persuading the recipient to open an envelope. Direct mail companies will design, print and mail your piece. And most will have targeted mail lists for sale as well.

Magazine advertising. When working with high-ticket items, you will quickly have enough revenue to invest in an attractive, eye-catching magazine ad. Consider magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine. Keep in mind that unlike a newspaper, magazines are seldom thrown away. Months from now, someone can pick up a copy, read your ad, and log onto your website.

Pay Per Click. You will hear pros and cons regarding pay per click advertising online. This is because when not done correctly, it can waste a lot of money. However, if you simply invest the time to study this advertising venue, you will see that it will be a vital part of your marketing puzzle. Pay per click is available through Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. (Here’s where a mentor’s help is invaluable – helping you to select and purchase your key words.)

Web 2.0. This strange term is very misleading. It certainly doesn’t divulge its true meaning. Web 2.0 simply refers to social networking online. It could include articles, blogs, personal videos, sales pages, backlinks, My Space, and Facebook just to name a few. If your URL appears in all these different networking venues, it won’t be long before exponential exposure will begin to occur. Soon your name, your identity, your persona will be all over the net.