Making Money on the Internet With Coaching and Mentoring Help Today

Mentors are online today to help with making money on the internet. Google “online business mentoring and coaching” and many sites show up in search results. Next begins the task of determining who will be the best coach for you.

Finding a Super Mentor

There are tied and true methods for finding the best internet money-making coach you can find. Several ideas are as follows:

1. Ask for personal recommendations. If you have colleagues who have made money online ask them for referrals to good mentors and coaches. Tap into industry associations for referrals. You might also find recommendations by reading blogs and asking direct questions on social media platforms. Request reviews and invite candid recommendations.

2. Read trade journals and magazines on the niche money marketing venue. Entrepreneur is an excellent resource to determine what marketing specialists are most admired. Go to your local library or bookstore and read through Internet marketing books by authors who have developed online money making programs and are highly credible.

3. One smart idea is to take advantage of low-cost or even free training. There are high quality introductory classes and web downloads by Internet marketing pros that provide money-making ideas. If you are happy with the preliminary information, sign up and take the rest of the mentoring course.

4. Watch out for scammers. To avoid being taken in by a fraudulent business coaches or mentors, spend time searching for “business opportunity scams” in your favorite search engine. Pay particular attention to work at home business articles.

There are usually no specific certifications or procedures that need to be followed to be an online coach or internet money-making mentor. The industry is wide open and there is money to be made. Thus the Internet offers a perfect breeding ground for those who have made a couple of dollars via Twitter or their account on Facebook and so on. The idea: develop a coaching plan, make money, and get out of the business. It is perfectly acceptable to create your own products and services, but overnight experts really do not know all the in’s and out’s of marketing online and making money long term. Ask yourself, why would you pay someone good money it they have no track record and have never made acceptable sums of money online?

Research mentoring and coaching programs and do ensure that your money pays for more than just a quickie link or methods that are not tried and true. Find a coaching company that offers the following:

  • WordPress training
  • Lead generation
  • Squeeze page information and set up
  • Affiliate system systems
  • Webinar training
  • List management and email marketing
  • Blogging and content management
  • Group buying opportunities
  • And more…

Discuss your aims needs and your expertise with a coach or mentor. If they are a reputable coach or coaching company they will discuss your needs one-on-one and actually call you, chat or email you to discuss your business plans. You will be provided with support information for questions as you build your business. Get to know your coaching or mentoring company before using what little money you have. A good mentoring company will get you on the right path toward making money online.