Is There a Chance For Success?

5Linx was started back in 2001 as a telecommunications company using the Internet and VoIP to offer people a cost effective alternative to the telecommunications needs. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLOBALINX® a provider of VoIP services for residential and business clients.

Lets take a non-biased look at 5Linx to is if a success business is possible.


Ever since the FCC deregulated the phone industry back in the mid 70’s (FCC Docket #19522 Part 68) consumers have been able to buy their own “telephone equipment” and hook it up to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). The “baby bells” may have lost the battle over your telephone, but you still had to use their exclusive service, and they controlled the rates.

Jump ahead 30 years with the Internet, and a technology called VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Now the consumer has a choice. They can use the “baby bells” network of wires and cables to transmit their call to the other person, or they can hop on the internet, and have the internet do 98% of the work. This is what 5Linx is capitalizing on.

While their web page says “Leading the telecommunications industry…”, 5Linx got some very strong name recognition by making the Fortune’s 500 list in 2005. This has very definitely help the company to move ahead.


Look at any newspaper, magazine, or spend 30 minutes in front of any TV show, and you will inundated with commercials about savings on telephone service, free cell phones with a 2 year agreement, and which companies have the best coverage. With this competition, is this really a business you want to be in?

Even with the competition there are people in 5Linx that are making good money, but do you truly believe they are doing it by marketing to their “friends and family”. These people have developed professional marketing skills and understand the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur. They work hard on their business plan, and you can see the “financial” success they are having.

In Conclusion:

With all of that said, I believe 5Linx is a viable company with a definite business opportunity.. However it becomes less important which business you have chosen, and more important the strengths of you business skills. Marketing on the internet requires a very specialized skill set which is easily learned thru professional training and mentorship.

Whether is generating leads, conversing with qualified prospects, making professional presentations, or just answering simple questions about your company, you need to be a master of these skills so you position yourself, in the eyes of your prospects, as a leader.

With professional training, a formal business plan, and your own testimonial about how excited you are about working with your company, prospects will see you as a leader and will follow.